The Style Dial®

The Style Dial

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The Style Dial®

It’s no secret that some cuts, styles and combinations of clothes look better on us than others. When something looks good on us it can be an amazing feeling, often sparking a happy, more confident change to our entire demeanor.

If you are like many people who “happen” on their best outfits purely by accident, how can you become an expert on dressing your own body, able to come up with that magical combination each and every time? We’ve come up with a solution!

First, discover your Style Dial® number. Then roll your mouse over the silhouettes we’ve provided to learn more. You may be a pure version of one or a combination of two! Either way, the Style Dial is the first step in uncovering the secret to choosing the right off-the-rack shapes to accentuate your true beauty.

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