What to Wear Under Sheer Tops

What to Wear Under Sheer Tops

You have found the perfect blouse, but it’s see-through! No fear, we have the solution to all those sheer blouses that baffle you:

1. The Whisper Tank: we swear by it. This fantastic piece goes under your blouses, sweaters, or any top you choose. You name it, this tank is a must-have. Plus, it won’t roll up your stomach like many layering pieces do. These tanks lay flat, giving you the seamless look you desire. p.s. They come in three different colors!

2. Want to avoid showing those awkward bra straps? The solution is a great strapless cami that can be worn over a strapless bra or just on its own depending on your needs.

3. Comfort is key and these bralettes will not disappoint. Try a more round-neck bralette for a Style Dial #2 or #2(3) and this v-neck bralette for a Style Dial #1, #1(3) or #3. If you prefer something lacey our “go-to” option is designed by Free People, check it out.

These three pieces are an easy fix to your sheer top debacle. And with the great comfort level, you will not want to leave the house without one!

Are you uncertain about your personal Style Dial ®? Click here to learn more and start dressing for your body type!

Dressing You Daily,
TSO Team