Vintage Style

Nowadays everyone wants the newest, next best item of clothing, accessories, and shoes. What most people don’t know is that vintage items are a hidden treasure! The common misconception is that vintage is dirty and too hard to find, but with the right tips and tricks you can become a pro vintage shopper and score some excellent finds.

  1. Do your research: This may take some time, but it will all be worth it. Take advantage of the internet and search the best consignment/vintage stores in your area. Going to a bigger city will give you a much larger array of options. In fact if you find yourself in San Francisco anytime soon we’d recommend Helpers House of Couture.
  2. Time: Make sure you have laid out a generous amount of time to go on your vintage hunt. This takes patience, but pays off in the end.
  3. Bring a friend: Vintage shopping is so much more fun with a shopping partner. Together you can search the racks, which will make your experience twice as sweet.

If “cyber” vintage shopping is more your cup of tea we have a few recommendations for you;,, and Peekaboo Vintage part of ASOS Marketplace.

PhototasticCollage-2016-08-31-16-24-44Vintage shopping is a real life treasure hunt.  One of our own Stylists, Lisa Powers, is a pro at vintage shopping.  Her list of most coveted treasures include; Cristolbal Balenciaga Little Black Dress, Hermes Kelly bag, Chanel long strand layering pearl and a Cartier Tank watch. Check out her website . She’d love to do your “hunting”.

Dressing You Daily,

The TSO Team