Summer Fabrics to Pick & Avoid

The key to having a cool and comfortable summer is in the fabric! So, when you are shopping, make sure to pay attention to what fabric you’re choosing. It’s not a bad idea to treat clothing labels just like grocery labels and read them before you purchase. If the label contains any of these words viscose/rayon, polyester or nylon, you are sure to heat up your summer afternoon. On the other hand these three fabrics are our summer cooling picks: linensilk, and cotton. All three are lightweight, naturally breathable and tastefully elegant in their simplest forms.

  1. Linen: probably one of the best lightweight fabrics you can wear. It gives you that sophisticated and casual look while still keeping you from feeling sweltering hot! A great linen pant, skirt, shirt, or dress are all perfect items of clothing to wear.
  2. Silk: a wonderful fabric that will make your outfit elegant at any level (causal, or special occasion). Choose a silk item of clothing that has a bright summery pattern. Floral is an excellent choice.
  3. Cotton: You can truly never go wrong with cotton. Day or night a cotton piece of clothing is always a great choice. Cotton can be dressy or casual and be one of the comfiest articles of clothing. Whether it’s a great t-shirt, white jeans, or an adorable sundress, cotton is a staple summer fabric!

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There you have it, three key fabrics to stay cool and fashionable this summer. Remember to keep your fabrics light and fun and you will be set. And don’t forget to find your Style Dial # to create the perfect summer fabric outfit!

Dressing Your Daily,

The TSO Team