Summer Colors: Our Favorites

Does Green Flash, Fiesta, Limpet Shell, Buttercup and Rose Quartz mean anything to you? Don’t be startled if you are in the dark about these fancy names for summer’s best colors. We have you covered. We’ve spent the last 3 months deciding which of the Pantone Top 10 Spring 2016 colors are our favorite summer hues.

Bubble gum pink, vibrant green, Latin red and soft turquoise are just another way to describe these beauties. But wait, wait, don’t worry, we didn’t leave out buttercup it’s right here in an outfit curated by Stylist Christy for her Style Dial ® #1 followers.


Next time you find yourself staring at a sea of clothes in your local department store, try to isolate these 5 to add to your summer wardrobe options. We love helping you see through the often overwhelming number of choices. Don’t forget your Style Dial ® # is another tool in narrowing down what’s perfect for you!

Dressing You Daily,

The TSO Team