Spring Trends

Sometimes, the outfits that strut down the New York Fashion Week runway are simply bizarre. Who would wear a neon yellow all fishnet bodysuit with a crimson bikini underneath? Though you may not have anything resembling couture in your wardrobe, these collections are a great time to revisit your closet and take inspiration from the Spring showcases of New York, Milan, and London. Here’s a fast and furious rundown of some fiery hot runway trends that you can work into your outfit as the weather warms up.

Vintage Vibes

Think 80’s floral prints, victorian brocade, and bright geometric patterns. Keep in mind that proportions should be balanced, flowy tops and tighter bottoms, to keep your outfit from looking like an early Halloween. Choose an era that suits you and run with it! We love this “inspiration” (because they are $$$$) pair of rose gold brocade shorts since the color is light and bright for Spring. Keep this look in mind while shopping in your favorite stores this season.


So Suede

Are you a slave to your jersey knit t-shirts and blue denim? Venture out into the world of materials with suede. While you may have a great black leather jacket that’s been keeping you warm all Winter, a taupe-y, fawny suede blazer is an easy transition. Trade that dark denim for white or a pair of light boyfriend jeans and you’ll have a no fuss outfit for the weekend.

so suede

Off the Shoulder and Off the Hook

Style Dial #2’s, rejoyce! This season’s off the shoulder silhouette and halter top redux are your best friends. In blouse form or dress form, grab one in your favorite color and you’ll be surprised how often it’ll work its way into your weekly rotation.

off the shoulder

Pleats Please

Who doesn’t love a floaty, voluminous dress for running through fields of daisies? Oh, wait…those are usually 5 year olds… Don’t worry, we found a great way to incorporate pleats into your outfit without looking like Princess Peach. This “inspiration” jumpsuit is an elevated step up from an ordinary dress and the neutral color makes its appropriate for many occasions. A bandeau top underneath or a filmy kimono cardigan over top make it more conservative if you must.


You Can “Net” on It

The runways were busy with net body suits, fishnet skirts, and holey tops. To upgrade this look, find pieces with “fine net” or “tulle”. Yes, as in the material used for tutu’s. This sheer fabric is great for warm days, but still provides coverage. Work ready? We think so. Here’s another “inspiration” piece, this time from from Gucci. Use this as an example of how to build this look.


We hope this helps you turn the ideas from the runways into real outfits this Spring. If you need more assistance, DOWNLOAD OUR APP, or Contact one of our Stylists for a personal review of what’s best for your figure.

Dressing You Daily,
Jeddie, Virtual Stylist Curator

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