Packing Made Simple

Does the idea of packing for a trip give you heartburn? If it does you are not alone. Many of our clients look to us to be “saved” from this daunting task. In all honesty, we have a simple recipe for “packing the bag” and we’d love to share it with you. Whether it’s a weekend, or 3 weeks in Europe we “pack” using this formula:

  1. Pick 1 foundation color (black, navy, khaki). This is the basic canvass color for the trip.
  2. Add 3 additional colors that complement each other. Use a scarf or a favorite piece of upholstered furniture as inspiration. Don’t deviate from the foundation color and these three colors when assembling your looks. Not sure what colors complement each other? Click here to geek out on the topic.
  3. Always include one pair of jeans, a solid shirt, a walking shoe, a multi colored scarf, and a tote or messenger bag. PS: the scarf might be your inspiration piece from step #2.
  4. Pack a “look” for each day then add 2 looks for every seven trip days. Plan for each wardrobe item to be worn at least twice. Bonus points for wearing it 4 different ways.
  5. Lay out each outfit combination and take pictures. Save the pictures in a file on your phone so you can reference them during the trip.

Allow about 2-3 hours to plan this type of packing. And ideally, we hope you’d start the process more than 24 hours in advance of the trip. We guarantee your bag will be a perfect mobile closet if you follow this formula. Trust us, we’ve tested it……over and over again!

Dressing You Daily,

The TSO Team