January Sales – 5 Tips


It’s sale time again! I have an uncle that looks forward to this time of year so that he can purchase gifts for the following holiday season. Talk about thinking ahead and having enough closet space to do this! If you’re simply in the mood to do a wardrobe refresh after spending December shopping for everyone else (but you!), here are five quick tips:

  1. Zero in on the stores that you often frequent. That shearling coat you were eyeing back in October is most likely 40% off now and if you’re lucky, your size will still be in stock.
  2. Don’t just browse online. Sometimes there is one last pair of metallic oxfords stuck in the corner of the shoe department.
  3. Purchase next year’s winter staples. Things like cashmere, black riding boots, black trousers and a winter coat can be snatched-up at deep discounts this time of year.
  4. In addition to winter staples, now is also the time to find pieces that will transition between seasons. For example; light weight sweaters, tropical weight dresses, ballet flats, colored denim. Here’s a sneak peek at spring’s color trends, so you can hit the hue mark. Pantone colors for Spring 2016.
  5. Stick to a list. Do yourself a favor and jot down what you really need, then hunt for only those items.

We hope this focuses your investment and efforts. If you need more assistance, DOWNLOAD OUR APP, or Contact one of our Stylists for a personal review of what’s best for your figure.

Dressing You Daily,
Jeddie, Virtual Stylist Curator

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