Fun Pants

Yes, black skinny jeans do go with everything, but sometimes you just need a little more spice in your life. I’ve always been afraid of veering away from my staples, but switching up one or two things in your wardrobe can make an impact on how you dress yourself and how you see your body. It’s easy to head into Macy’s and pick out those Levi’s like you always do, but have you ever tried on something outrageous or ridiculous or fabulously pink, just to see how it would look?

While you are in your dressing rooms this weekend, I encourage you to bring a few things in with you that you’d not normally wear. For me, fun pants, whether printed, voluminous, or colored, was always a no-no in my book. But, on a whim one Saturday, I decided to try on a pair of hunter green harem pants, and BAM! My perspective on pants completely changed. I bought a few more pairs of “fun pants” and have gotten more than my fair share of compliments on them. Here are a few images for Fun Pant inspiration to get you excited and daring to wear something a little out of the box.

We hope this spices up your pant ensembles. If you need more assistance, DOWNLOAD OUR APP, or Contact one of our Stylists for a personal review of what’s best for your figure.

Dressing You Daily,
Jeddie, Virtual Stylist Curator

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