Black Friday: Plan of Attack

You know that Black Friday means good deals, but do you know where the best ones are hiding? Sometimes we get so caught up in the madness, the crowds, the endless list of gifts we need to get, that we forget exactly what we came for. Here are a few quick tips and tricks to keep you on track. Who knows, you may find just the right thing for Aunt Mary and Uncle Richard so quickly that you have time to pick out a few festive things for yourself!

1. Secret Santa, White Elephant and Acquaintances: Don’t leave these till last or they’ll have you panicking to find something good at Target the week before Christmas. Gift baskets are easy and affordable and can be bought in bulk. Head to your nearest Costco, Macy’s, or Target and throw together a basket of foodie items- olive oil, wine, chocolates, dried fruit, and nuts. Or, if you know them a bit better, a fun spa basket of bath bombs, shower wash, body oils, and scrubbies.

2. Save for Cyber Monday: There’s definitely something exciting about standing in line at 4am and rushing the doors of Best Buy, but somethings are best kept for Cyber Monday. If you know exactly what your brother/significant other/friend has been eyeing, buy it online in the comfort of your own home on Monday when the big online sales hit. This is especially good for electronics or large items that can be shipped to their house or yours. Who wants to carry a flat screen tv or couch all the way home anyhow?

3. Gold Medal in Bargain Hunting: If you are really a bargain buster, you’ll have to keep an eye out for the advertisements in the paper as well as online. Some stores will promise a “Lowest Price Guarantee” where they will match the lowest price of an item no matter where you’ve found it. If you’re savvy with your phone, some stores will have special apps for you to download that will automatically save you the big bucks.

4. Black Friday Plan of Attack: If you are planning to head out in person on Black Friday, plan your day accordingly. Comfy shoes, a list of stores to hit, a list of gifts you need, and a shopping buddy! Download our free Holiday Shopping Worksheet to keep track of your list, stores and gift budgets. When you’re finally done shopping for everyone else on your list, don’t forget to pop out The Stylist Online app! Our outfits will help to inspire your shopping choices and help you choose pieces that will have you looking fabulous through the New Year. Happy shopping and let us know what you find!