Apres Ski

It’s that time of year, when winter sports enthusiasts hit the slopes or the fire side. Whether you are a novice, or an expert at winter activities you’ll certainly need stylish “apres ski” ensembles. We’ve curated a few looks that will keep you warm whether you are building snowmen with the kids or sipping cocoa by the fire in the lodge.

Snowball Fight

When you’re outside playing with the kids, super technical gear isn’t required, but you still want to make you sure you’ll be comfortable. Layers are great since they’ll allow you movement and the ability to shed them as you warm up. Thermals, a light down jacket, and a waterproof shell are the trifecta. If you can find streamlined, fitted waterproof pants, you get extra points. Gloves and a hat are key, especially if you are planning on a meandering walk through the woods or sledding; no one wants to arrive home with wet hands or hair. Sunglasses are a good choice as well to protect your eyes from the bright rays.


Well, The Weather Outside is Frightful…

Raise your hand if you allow yourself to be pulled along on Winter vacations and spend the whole time inside! I know there are a few of us out there and we curated the chicest indoor outfit for reading, making warming stews, and watching the snow from inside. Fleece-lined leggings have been becoming more popular and now you can pick them up almost anywhere. Fuzzy socks keep you toes warm from floorboards and come in tons of quirky prints and colors if you are into that. A neutral dolman sweater can be dressed up later during warm weather. Think of it layered over a floaty dress… Is it Summer yet? Oh, and don’t forget the huge scarf/blanket to throw over your legs while lounging on the couch.


Do It for the Instagram

There are those that are on the slopes at sunrise waiting to be the first to cut through the fresh powder. There are those that don’t pretend to like the snow and hide away indoors, baking, reading, and crafting. And there are those that simply want to have nice photos for Facebook, Instagram, and next year’s holiday card. For those ladies that do a little bit of both while enjoying the Winter weather, but are secretly in it for the fun seasonal shopping, here’s the look for you! It may be a little high maintenance (no waterproof clothing here, so dodge those snowballs!), but we love cute Winter wear just as much as the next person.


We hope this provides inspiration for your snowy extravaganza. If you need more assistance, DOWNLOAD OUR APP, or Contact one of our Stylists for a personal review of what’s best for your figure.

Dressing You Daily,
Jeddie, Virtual Stylist Curator

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