A Stylist’s Guide to Season Transition

Today our often over packed closets can cause serious fashion heartburn when seasons transition from one to the next.  Remember your school days when you couldn’t wait for the weather to warm enough to wear your new sandals? That feeling may have tempered over the years.  It’s not as easy to tackle the cool morning and warm afternoon as it was during our grammar school years. What to do? Check off this list and you’ll have everything you need to stay chic as spring closes and summer arrives.

A Stylist’s Season Transition Arsenal:

  1. Black Dress: Stylist Nada of Beauty Mommy just can’t survive a transition without her LBD (Little Black Dress). It’s the perfect canvas for adding seasonal color palettes.
  2. Light and Bright Scarves: This is the “nailing it” addition to your jeans and the extra layer you’ll need for the cool morning air.
  3. Bright Blazer: Shed the black blazer you’ve been wearing all winter and exchange it for a cheery color. Stylist Terri who specializes in executive presence coaching would encourage you to add the blazer to your LBD.
  4. Jean Jacket: We can’t say this enough. Everyone must own 1 denim jacket. If not for the season change, buy one because we demand it of you and you trust us!
  5. Nude Shoe: Stylist Christy, our resident shoe empress, likely has a nude shoe for every season. In your case shoot for a peep toe heel, or wedge.
  6. Three Quarter Length Sleeve: This is the holy grail of sleeve lengths for all season transitions. Stylist Crystal’s secret weapon this time of year is a 3/4 length sleeve cardigan.
  7. Maxi Dress: Of course, this piece is to be worn with the jean jacket. Choose a cotton fabric so you won’t overheat as the summer air gets thick.
  8. Colored Trench: This is a trick Stylist Martha relies on as the mountain frost disappears. Her staple trench this year is powder pink.
  9. Tan Tote: It’s the catch all device in just the right tone. Versatile and easy to wear with many color palettes. Stylist Lisa loves her TX size tote.
  10. Colored Bangles: One simple addition of a punch of color in a bangle changes your entire look from boring to WOW. “This is also one of the least expensive ways to update your wardrobe”; says Stylist Sarah.

So there you have it, the complete list of how your Stylist tackles season transitions.

Dressing You Daily,


Founder and CEO