5 Things to Travel Chic

Do your summer travel plans sneak up on you? It’s that moment when you realize the summer trip you dreamed of in February is in one week. You then frantically turn every spare minute into shopping errands. And, oh goodness, these errands happen under distress and pressure to pack the perfect get-away bag. Exhale, we have you covered. Follow this quick list to travel chic this season.

Travel Chic-2016-06-03-14-40-07

  1. A Denim Dress: this is the equivalent of your LBD (Little Black Dress), but it’s less fussy. A light weight fabric will keep you comfortable.
  2. A Summer Travel Tote: we said it AGAIN! This is a staple travel item.
  3. Short Sandal Wedge: doubles as a heel and a walk to the pool in a pinch.
  4. A Stack of Bangles: choose a mixed metal for an “all in one” mix and match.
  5. A Cover-Up: bonus points for purchasing a cover-up that doubles as a dress.

These simple things will go miles on your next adventure!

Dressing You Daily,


Founder & CEO