5 Summer Trends to Buy Now

The first rule of thumb for seasonal trends is to determine your comfort level. Are you; all in, a little in or shy and uncertain? Next, align your shopping strategy with your comfort level. Our list includes everything you’ll need, but you’ll have to determine how “loud” you’d like the trend to be.

1. Gingham: yes, as in, table clothe. This gives me the giggles and quite possibly is my favorite summer trend. Whether it’s a work appropriate blazer, shorts, a skirt or an accessory you’ll need this in the arsenal.

2. Off the Shoulder: don’t let this scare you. There are age appropriate off the shoulder looks. But remember, please try to stick to your true age, not the one from a few decades ago.

3. Bell Sleeves: now here’s where things could go really wrong. Consider the size of your figure and then marry that to the boldness of the bell. For petite figures you’ll want to have a subdued bell at the bottom of the sleeve. For full figured gals, try to choose a soft flowy sleeve fabric as to not add volume. For middle of the road figures be cautious not to create unintentional consequences with the placement of the bell. For example; adding volume to a hip cage because the bell hangs to low in the sleeve. In this case we’d recommend a 3/4 length bell sleeve.

4.  Ruffles: are not too young for you. Be strategic about the placement. If your shoulders are narrow, try a ruffled sleeve. If you have boyish hips, try a ruffled skirt. Whatever you choose, again the placement of it shouldn’t add unintended volume to your silhouette.

5. The White/Nude Sport Shoe: not to replace your regular tennis shoes. It’s more likely this shoe would replace your casual ballet flat. Shown in the second image, this shoe is today’s killer traveler. Throw away the clunky traveling “nurse” shoes and amp up your summer with a white or nude slip on version. Think old school vans, and you’re on the right track.

    Ginham         Off the shoulder      BellRuffles

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