Jennifer Conlon

Jennifer Conlon

The Style Dial: 2

Fashion Outlook: Says that it’s always fun to blend less expensive pieces with more expensive pieces. When in doubt, suggests investing your fashion budget in good handbags and shoes, as they will carry the load.

Fashion Hurdle: Long legs paired with a short torso—almost a given that she’ll never enjoy wearing a belt!

Jennifer is a Global Business Services team manager at IBM Corporation. She has been with IBM since 2001. Prior to IBM, Jennifer was in the mortgage industry, leading a cutting-edge loan process software training team. Jennifer prides herself on her ability to educate, lead and inspire her teams.

Jennifer will tell you that she makes time to be a fashion friend; shopping trips with the gals is part of the regular schedule. Jennifer’s best fashion advice is this: “When you go shopping buy the whole outfit—top, bottoms, shoes, handbag, accessories, the works.” She puts together well-planned purchases using the solid foundational concepts of The Stylist Online and ends up with a fabulous wardrobe that makes her look and feel her best.