About Us

About Us

Like many other entrepreneurial stories, the one behind The Stylist Online Founder and CEO Amy Wister runs deep. “It all began to happen for me in my teens,” says Wister. “For a year and a half, I repeatedly told my mom and assured the manager of an edgy, well-known chain clothing store at our local mall that I would be applying for a job there when I turned 16,” she says, smiling and shaking her head at the memory. “I loved dressing people.”

One day Wister was shopping with a girlfriend. By now, she had helped many friends with their wardrobes, but this time she took on a new persona. “I had never been bold enough to tell a salesperson why I was along on my friends’ shopping trips, so it was a ton of fun to play this little role. The longer we shopped, the more I took over!”

Realizing at one point that there could be a true methodology for dressing various figures and shapes, Wister began to formulate a way for people to choose clothing off the rack suited for their own unique body types. “Women shouldn’t have to gaze at fashion magazines and clothing store ads containing unrealistic models,” says Wister. That’s how the Style Dial became a reality; a simple template women and girls of any bodily architecture can use to define where they fall along a spectrum to determine what articles of clothing flatter that shape.

Getting The Style Dial out to the masses meant building an army of women just like herself – women who thrive on being there for the lost shoppers of the world. Wister now contracts Style Dial® teams and consultants all over the U.S. Her certified Stylists not only help individuals learn to dress their own body types but also introduce them to the company’s brand new mobile app, an on-the-go tutorial featuring illustrations they can refer to while shopping in order to fine-tune their shopping adventures.

Since those early days, The Stylist Online has expanded to offer an entire menu of services, from corporate events to train and empower business people to dress and feel more confident, to a closet overhaul, to throwing fun Style Dial ® parties to accompanying clients on shopping trips. “In the end, our goal is to make shopping and dressing fun again,” says Wister. “Knowing what clothing to take off a rack, try on and take home becomes a transformational experience,” she says. “It doesn’t get any better than that.”

Our Mission: To bring personalized heroic fashion finds to individuals, to treat our clients with integrity and compassion, to offer a leading-edge turnkey business model to entrepreneurial stylists and to contribute to our community.